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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


1. Do not use same passwords in all the ptc sites. Use strong passwords with a mixing of alphabets, numeric values and also special keywords. e.g weRn0t$@m3 (use easy to remember wearenotsame).

2. Do not use same E-mail address in all the sites.Its better to have two or three e-mail addresses. So that if any of the account is hacked you still have two remaining.

3. Before becoming a member use google to find the info about the site . e.g scam

4. And please be patient. PTC do not provide Get rich quick scheme.

5. Read the TOS (Terms Of Service). Some sites do not pay. They only are ads exchange sites. To confirm that view their payment proofs.

6. The most important thing is do not invest money in PTC sites as they can be proved as scam later on. SO do not opt for a premium account when you are joining the site. You can do that later on.

7. It would be better to request the cashout as soon as you reach the minimum payout. It is due to the reason that no one know who is sitting other side of your computer. The site can be a scam afterwards so get the payout as soon as possible.

8. When finding a new site, look at the layout, is it good, or bad?
This may not seem like a key factor, but it most definitely is.
If the layout is very bad(visually), they probably didn't put much time into it.This means they either can't design, or just don't care.That means they care more for their money and may not stay for long time.
If they were in it for the long time they would make their site unique and with better graphics, logos and banners.